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Can You Use CBD Oil As Lube?

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By High There

August 29, 2022

Let’s just be honest with each other up front: It doesn’t matter what it is, someone has tried to use it either during or for a sexual act. And by that we mean the universal “It“, the all-encompassing It of All Things — just about everything on the planet, at some point or another, has been used in the search for a better, more thorough orgasm.

So why not

? Certainly the concept of introducing cannabis into sex is far from a new concept, so what about THC’s more recently-famous counterpart?

Let’s tackle the big question up front: Yes, CBD oil can absolutely be used as a sexual aid and lubricant. But do you want to? There are both ups and downs to introducing hemp into your sex life, including some important warnings anyone interested in using CBD-infused lubricants should know. Let’s dive in.


Using CBD As Lube: An Overview

First and foremost, it’s important to note that CBD oil and CBD lubrication are not the same thing. Sexual lubricants that have been infused with CBD are made specifically sexual activities in mind, and likely will not carry the same detriments as CBD oil itself can have. We’ll discuss these a bit more later in our article; for now, though, let’s focus on CBD oil itself.

, is one of the many cannabinoid compounds found in the hemp and cannabis plants; we go into further detail on in other articles on our site but suffice to say, CBD’s popularity over the last decade has skyrocketed, no small part in thanks to its muscle relaxing, anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s these two properties in particular that make the concept of CBD oil used as lubrication not-so-far-fetched. Those who have used CBD oil as a sexual lubricant have reported feelings of relaxation, as well as helping ease pain during sexual encounters; the natural properties of CBD can help to ease tension in the muscles, which combined with the lubrication aspect of the oil itself, using CBD oil as lube can make intercourse more pleasurable, last longer and overall decrease sensations of discomfort.

Be aware, though, that while there are THC-bearing lubricants available on the market, a well-manufactured CBD oil should not contain THC. Using an oil or lubrication that contains pure CBD on more intimate regions cannot result in a feeling of being high —

. And while THC-enhanced lubes do exist, for the purposes of today’s piece, we’re focusing only on lubes that won’t leave you feeling stoned.


While there can be benefits to using CBD oil as lube, though, said benefits are tempered by the usual issues that oil-based lubricants have, alongside a few additional challenges added in as well.

Is Using CBD Oil As Lube Safe?

The word “safe” can have a wide variety of interpretations depending on its context. Is CBD oil “safe” to use as sexual lubrication? Certainly, but that comes with a caveat of knowing that all oil-based lubricants can have their detriments.

Most importantly is noting that the majority of store-bought lubes meant for sexual purposes are not oil-based. Oil can cause degradation in both polyisoprene and latex, making condoms less effective and safe, and will leave stains behind on clothing or other fabrics that might happen to get said oil on them. Think about how difficult it is to clean an oil stain out of a shirt — it’s no easier when it’s your bed sheets.

For those spending some alone time, oil can also lead to the degradation of various types of sex toys; anything made from rubber (which includes many popular “jelly” styles of toys) will likely see long-term damage from being used with oil-based lubes.

And though CBD’s properties prevent it from creating dermal issues such as clogged pores, any fashion of oil-based sexual lubricant can increase the risk of yeast infections and other bacterial issues. These issues can be compounded if using a CBD oil that contains any forms of added scents or flavors; if using CBD oil as personal lubricant, we highly recommend making sure your oil of choice is as natural and pure as possible.

Which, unfortunately, leads us to our largest caveat: Knowing your CBD oil is contaminant free.


We dive into the topic of the unregulated cannabinoid market elsewhere on our site but suffice to say, not all CBD or cannabis products are created equal. Lax regulatory oversight and a booming market have led to multiple cases of

with other cannabinoids (like THC), unexpected alterants or even heavy metals and pesticides.

As the sexual areas of the human body have high capacity for bio-availability, using CBD oil as a sexual lube contains very little difference from ingestion or inhalation, meaning anything that’s in your CBD oil is now going to be inside your body and blood stream. Unless you are 100 percent certain that

, we don’t recommend putting it anywhere near or inside yourself, sexy times or not.

Should You Use CBD Oil As Lube?

We’re certainly not here to tell you how to enjoy yourself, and there’s an understandable appeal to exploring whether or not CBD can be used for intimates moments, particularly given CBD’s reputation for tension relief and easing inflammation.

But there are reasons why sexual lubricant is usually designed specifically for the task — as mentioned above, using oil as a lubrication aid can lead to a number of complications both major and minor, and is why water-based (IE: soluble) lubes are often recommended for general-purpose uses.


But, all of the caveats above aside, is there any good reason not to use CBD oil as lube? Unless you happen to be unlucky enough to posses an allergic reaction to hemp, CBD oil can be an excellent alternative to other types of lubes; particularly if looking to explore sexual activities in places such as, say, a shower, water-soluble lubes aren’t going to be able to cut it, and the longer-lasting properties of an oil make it more suited for naturally “drier” activities such as manual stimulation or anal sex.

What About CBD-Infused Lubes?

If interested in trying to bring some CBD into your sex life, using CBD oil itself doesn’t have to be your solution. There are a wide variety of CBD personal lubricants available on the market that don’t include CBD oil itself; as pure CBD can be expressed as a powder, this means that water-based lubricants can easily be infused with cannabinoids, though (as mentioned above) ensuring that you purchase your goods from a reputable manufacturer is very important.

Wrapping Up

Our final answer as to whether or not you should use CBD oil as lube is — as with most things cannabis-related — that it depends. Your individual needs may make using any fashion of oil-based lubrication prohibitive, or they may not.

Over everything else, it’s important to remember the detrimental effects that CBD oil can have in terms of bacterial infection and reduction of effectiveness in condoms; while using CBD oil during sex doesn’t have to be unsafe, it can make previously safe scenarios much less-so, and we recommend using it with both thoughtfulness and care.

But. If looking for something to spice up an average session of gettin’ it on, or potentially alleviate issues with painful intercourse? So long as you understand the minor risks, experimenting with CBD oil lube could be the right solution for you. Stay safe, and whatever your activities, we hope you enjoy!

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