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Letter From the Editor: Setting New Year’s Intentions for High There

Jamie Solis

By Jamie Solis

December 30, 2022

High there! My name is Jamie Solis, Chief Content Officer at High There, the social cannabis app that allows you to venture beyond your usual network to find new friends, professional contacts and more. 

I’ve been a part of the High There team for about nine months now, and being a mom of two, I can attest that’s enough time to grow an entire human life. What I’ve been doing at High There hasn’t been too much different. 

Over the months, I’ve sculpted, grown and nurtured the previous mission of our platform to share even more industry

, , , and


If there’s something about High There that makes our social cannabis app and web content distinctive — it’s our incredible team, community and partners. In the spirit of a new year and with an arsenal of ambitious goals on the horizon for High There, I want to take a moment to recognize the talented pool of contributors we have on our team and share my New Year’s resolutions.

Cannabis Savvy Contributors 

From our full-time team to many talented individuals, High There consists of thought leaders in journalism, tech, data, cultivation, business and more. Last year, we had quite a handful of unique creatives contribute to our website articles, newsletters and app. 

While I could go into meticulous detail on why each of these creatives have been an integral, irreplaceable part of our team, instead I will share some highlights from some of our top contributors.

Courtesy of Logan Chamut

Growing Cannabis

High There brought our own grow expert onboard from our neighbors to the north in Canada. Logan Chamut is a trusted cannabis cultivator who writes our monthly column,

. Last year, Chamut shared , and . Stay tuned this month for the next installment of his current series, which brings you from seed to harvest.

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Cannabis News

Good or bad, every day we wake up to the constant flow of cannabis in our newsfeeds. High There has been working with various writers tuning in to breaking news, with A.J. Herrington being our most frequent contributor. You might know

from his bylines at publications like High Times, Forbes, Cannabis Now and more. Herrington has reported on the case since it first broke. He also contributes regularly on topics like , , and more. You can often find his stories featured in our weekly World of Cannabis newsletter, so if you haven’t already.  

Courtesy of Cheech & Chong Cannabis Company

Reviews & Entertainment

Hannah (Izer) Vysoky is Community Lead at High There. Aside from building and engaging our app community, Vysoky regularly informs us with business profiles highlighting standout leaders in our

column. Vysoky also pens reviews of all types of products, from CBD to THC, vaporizers and more. A highlight from this past year was her exclusive interview with the one-and-only, ! Hannah also brings you The CBD Report direct to your inbox every week, so to stay in-the-know. 


Culture & Education

Benjamin M. Adams has written for virtually every cannabis publication and currently serves as a Staff Writer at High Times. Exclusively for High There,

compiled a list of the in October this past year. Check out his top coffee recommendations if you’re intrigued! 

Stylish Woman Smoking a Joint at Home. Hand Model.

Keegan Williams is a leader of

for High There. Every month, Williams hones in on the being asked in the cannabis community and responds in a thoughtful and thorough way that’s easy to understand. Williams also connects with cannabis , and creatives to tell their unique stories. I’m excited to soon announce a new facet of our cannabis content to roll out in the coming months, so stay tuned for a lot more excitement from Williams. 

CBD Rice Crispy treat ingredients
Photo Credit: Bruce Wolf

I’ve had the pleasure of working with cannabis chef and industry professional Laurie Wolf on one-of-a-kind cannabis-infused recipes at every publication I’ve been lucky to be a part of. So, my time at High There’s social cannabis app has been no exception.

and her husband Bruce Wolf (who is also her photographer) have shared an array of recipes with us, from a back in March to , and more. 

Our talent pool doesn’t stop there: Most recently, we’ve welcomed back Teagan McMurtry to bring her lists of recommendations for CBD products worthy of discussion. Plus, we have a couple High There staff writers on board doing some reviews and educational content behind the scenes. You know what they say — it truly takes a village!

New Year’s Intentions for Cannabis Community

In 2023, I’m setting intentions for our community at High There. It starts by making sure what you’re finding in our app, through our community, support, stories and features are exactly what you’re looking for. 

Cannabis Content Partnerships

First and foremost, my job at High There is creating exciting content that you won’t find anywhere else. I also recognize that we have cannabis consumers from all backgrounds and with varying preferences. That’s why our goal is for the High There app to have engaging articles and content from not only from High There’s perspective. In our app, you’ll find top stories from other cannabis publishers, non-profit organizations and trusted companies to bring our app consumers an all-encompassing experience. 

We’ve partnered with websites like and The Cannigma to share their articles in our app. Also, we’d like to thank our first nonprofit,

, for allowing us to share its stories and initiatives with our app audience. We look forward to bringing on additional partners in the new year!

A lineup of oOYes sexual wellness cannabis products
Courtesy of oOYes

Special Cannabis Deals

We’re bringing the deals. This month, we’re launching exclusive coupon deals to our app users. If you’re signed up for push notifications, you’ll get coupons from our affiliate partners, either sitewide and for individual cannabis-related products. From cutting-edge vapor technology to cannabis grow box kits and more, you’ll discover cool products and save on them, too.

Cutting-Edge Social Cannabis App Features

In the first quarter of this year, you will be a new-and-improved version of our app. We’re bringing brand-new features that have been requested by our user base. Stay tuned for lots of news surrounding this. 

A Personal Note

In 2023, I would love to connect with brands, cannabis publishers, nonprofits, creators and individuals who see the value of utilizing High There’s extended community of cannabis enthusiasts. I will also be branching out to

more cannabis products, share more personal experience with new cannabinoids and types of content with you all! Stay tuned for exciting new projects launching this year. 

Join High There: The Social Cannabis App

Our community grows every day. What are you waiting for? Join our friendly community of cannabis enthusiasts in a safe environment that’s expertly moderated. Thanks for being a part of our community at High There! If you haven’t already, be sure to download our High There App through the

or . You can find me on the High There app @JamieSolis.

I look forward to connecting with you soon! Have an abundant and healthy new year. 


Jamie Solis

Chief Content Officer, High There

Jamie Solis

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