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Letter From the Editor: Romance, Sex & Weed

Jamie Solis

By Jamie Solis

February 13, 2023

The time is officially upon us. It’s Valentine’s Day, leaving partnered-up individuals everywhere scrambling to find gifts, book reservations and plan something sexy to share with their significant others. Now’s not the time to drop the ball, lovers! In the cannabis industry, it’s the time of year when we start talking about the partnership of everyone’s two favorite pastimes — weed and sex. 

A Spark of Passion

Over the years, I’ve personally enjoyed learning the ins and outs about all things romance, sex, love and relationships — in conjunction with weed. My experience with cannabis and sex goes back to many years ago, when I reviewed a plethora of cannabis products (mostly infused lubes). Aside from smoking weed before engaging in intimacy, this was my first (but not last) dive into the many different ways that cannabis can amplify

and sexual passion. 

Once you go green, you’ll never go back to the way it was before!

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Sex-related or not, cannabis and its ancillary products also are great options when it comes to finding a gift for your partner (or yourself), especially for Valentine’s Day. And it looks like I’m not alone in this sentiment. Adults across the United States are jumping aboard the canna-Valentine train. Most recently, research continues to strengthen what so many of us have experienced for years — cannabis and sex go together like Romeo and Juliet. They’re simply meant to be. 

Tantalizing Facts: The Science of Sex & Weed

According to a study published on January 20 in the

, cannabis is shown to influence sexual satisfaction and function. For the study, each aspect of Kaplan’s as well as Masters and Johnson’s sexual response cycle (desire, excitement, orgasm, plateau, resolution) was taken into account to determine the effects of cannabis on the sexual experience by researchers associated with East Carolina University. 

Researchers also studied the overall satisfaction of participants as the final step of the sexual response cycle. The study overall found it’s possible that participants, and particularly those with vulvas, can use medical cannabis to successfully treat sexual dysfunctions. 

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Over 70% of study participants reported increased desire and orgasm intensity.

Supported by this data, the verdict is in: “This study updates the current literature on cannabis and sexuality and provides implications for improving sexual quality,” researchers wrote. “Medical implications of this study include the possible use of cannabis for treating sexual dysfunctions, especially within women.” 

In addition to the latest research showing that cannabis can help with sexual function and satisfaction,

also released new survey data on February 7. The data demonstrates common perceptions when it comes to cannabis use and sex, as well as insights into consumer trends around Valentine’s Day. 

Overall, more than 35 million American adults (24%) agreed that cannabis helps them feel more romantic, while 32 million adults (23%) thought it actually betters their sex life. Overall, the perceived benefits revealed by this data are aligned, giving us the green light to pleasure town.

In a press release for the Wired report, trusted sex experts weighed in on the benefits of cannabis, especially during the holidays. “Cannabis can have a decidedly positive impact on romance and intimacy, especially on occasions like Valentine’s Day where there are so many external stresses and pressures to make the day special,”

CannaSexual® sex coach Ashley Manta. 

Dr. Shannon Chavez, a trusted sex therapist and psychologist, commented on how cannabis can improve the psyche, leading to more satisfying sex lives. “The data from the survey show that Americans use cannabis to relax or improve their mood, which can help people be present and more connected, which is crucial to a better love life,” Dr. Chavez stated. “Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity for couples to try something new together and try a more dynamic and less formulaic approach to intimacy, which cannabis can help inspire.”

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Seeing the science of sex and data around cannabis continuing to catch up with the anecdotal evidence that we’ve seen for so many decades proves one thing: Cannabis is a wonderful addition to sex!

Sex & Weed: A Romantic Gesture

In addition to using cannabis for sexual pleasure and function, we’re also seeing that consumer buying habits are in favor of cannabis. According to the recent

data, a majority of American adults are incorporating cannabis into their Valentine’s Day celebrations. 

The online survey by Wired showed that 61% of American Adults (ages 21 and over) will be either gifting cannabis in some capacity or incorporating it into their Valentine’s Day plans this year. Additionally, a reported 37% of adults shared they would be happy to receive cannabis as a gift this Valentine’s Day. Other interesting survey results include that adult parents are more likely than those without kids to utilize cannabis in their celebration one way or another. 

Whether for gifting or sex, it’s clear that cannabis takes center stage this holiday. For those interested in cannabis gifts, keep reading for some fun recommendations. 

How to Use Cannabis for Sex

With all this compelling information out there about sex and cannabis, are you ready to take the plunge? Introducing anything new to the bedroom can be a little intimidating, but don’t let that stop you. There are plenty of ways to incorporate cannabis into sex, and there is also helpful advice that’s pivotal for beginners. Renowned sex and cannabis guru Manta has shared some solid advice just for High There readers, to help you comfortably introduce cannabis to intimacy.

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“My favorite way to encourage newbies to start experimenting with cannabis in the bedroom is to try new products out solo,” Manta told High There. “See how you feel and then decide how best to deploy this new tool in your partnered experiences! As always, less is more, so just start with one puff, or a low dose edible, or avoid intoxication entirely with a topical or suppository (which both do wonders for vulvas!).”

The Ultimate Sexy Weed Gifts

Now that we’ve uncovered the many reasons why using cannabis improves sex is worth a try, there are plenty of ways to introduce it into your sex life. Whether you’re buying weed gifts for a fun night solo, for a partner, or for a special occasion like Valentine’s Day or an anniversary, here are some of our favorite products for use during sex. 

Candle & Massage Oil

We love a product with multi-purpose applications. We’ll set the scene: You just finished dinner and it’s time to turn up the romance. You prepare a comfy space for your partner, put on some relaxing music and light a candle. But this isn’t just any candle. This is a candle that with heat, melts into massage oil. But wait, there’s more. Cannabis-infused options are available, like the

from oOYes!

Cannabis Flower & Edibles 

Taking a dab rig and tools into the bedroom isn’t the safest or most convenient way to consume cannabis in the bedroom. Instead, taking a cannabis joint into the bedroom, or simply eating an edible beforehand are both easy ways to enjoy the effects of cannabis during your most intimate of times. 

Medical Marijuana buds and grinder on isolated on pink, Medical Cannabis concept
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Consumption for Two

This year, we handpicked three of

made just for Valentine’s Day 2023. Each collection is expertly crafted, durable and absolutely adorable, to say the least. However, one of our favorite, and by far the most romantic, pieces is the by Burning Love. That’s right — two mouthpieces will get you and your partner up close and personal, sesh after sesh. 

Cannabis Lube

One of the most popular types of cannabis sex products is

. We look to one of the leaders in the cannabis sex space for this product recommendation, Foria. The brand’s is known to help with arousal, excitement and moisture. Additionally, it’s soothing and overall a great way to first introduce cannabis into sexual experiences. 

Tantric Weed Honey

Forget sugar! Pour some honey on me. Since we’re discussing infused products, let’s talk about tantric honey. In general, tantric honey is formulated with ingredients that are known to help with sexual function and pleasure, on both the physical and mental levels. In true High There fashion, we’re going to recommend using a cannabis-infused tantric honey to infuse your bedroom with even more excitement, like the

, which is also from the brand

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