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Cannabis Lube: A Sure-Fire Way to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Keegan Williams

By Keegan Williams

February 10, 2023

It’s a whole new world for cannabis. Most of us are already fairly familiar with the cannabis product staples you’ll easily find at any given dispensary: pre-rolls, flower, concentrates, edibles,

… But it’s easy to overlook some hidden gems that can be truly game-changing, working to ensure some of life’s pleasures hit even harder.

For many cannabis consumers, that statement is all-encompassing. Of course a little weed before a movie or playing a video game makes things a little bit more fun. 

… But what about sex? 

Many people will similarly attest that a little cannabis before getting sensual with a partner or partners helps enhance the overall experience. In fact, a

found that 24 percent of American adults believe cannabis will put them in a more romantic mood, and 23 percent of American adults who use cannabis report that it improves their sex lives.


also affirmed that cannabis leads to better sex, with users reporting heightened desire, more intense orgasms (especially among people with vulvas) and a higher sensory perception.


However, if you’re looking to take things even further, might we recommend diving into the world of cannabis lubricants? That’s right — there are plenty of THC lubes made solely to reduce discomfort and increase arousal during sex.

Trying out any new cannabis product can be intimidating, but trust us, it’s worth making the plunge for these cannabis-infused sex oils.

What is Cannabis Lube?

Cannabis lubricants, infused with cannabinoids like

and , are made with cannabis to improve sexual activity. They’re topicals, generally made from a carrier oil like , tea tree oil, olive oil or cocoa butter, along with other ingredients that help establish the lubricant base, enhance effects and help with absorption. 


will serve the same general purpose as any other lubricant (to lubricate and reduce friction), trust us when we say that cannabis-infused lubes really take the experience to the next level. Cannabis lubes, like other topicals, are absorbed through the membranes under the skin, but these specific products enhance the overall experience during sex. 

Bear in mind that, as with other lubes, the lubrication-specific effects will be immediate, while it may take a little more time for you to feel the specific effects of cannabis. More on that later.

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Will Cannabis Lube Get Me High?

As with all topicals, cannabis lube isn’t absorbed into the bloodstream. So, no, even if you’re using a THC-infused lubricant, you won’t get high like you would smoking some flower or ingesting an edible. The effects of these weed oils are localized, meaning that only the areas you apply the lube to will see them, similar to other products like


In a way, it’s essentially like your genitals are getting high rather than your brain, and when it comes to a bit of bedroom fun, that’s definitely not a bad thing. That’s not to say you can’t also get high in tandem with using cannabis lubricant, but it’s important to note that the two methods of consumption are not one in the same.

(That said, be aware that if things get extra steamy, performing oral sex after using a cannabis lube could actually lead to a head high.)

Another thing to note, you can also find CBD and THC lubes, which have distinct availability and effects. CBD lubricants are available online and in all 50 states, but THC lubricants tend to offer more intense sexual effects and are only available for purchase at dispensaries.

Generally, THC lube has more pronounced sexual effects, with more intense, and even multiplied, orgasms. CBD lubes, however, work to enhance your sexual experience by

your body and muscles. It’s also commonly reported to ease painful sex and anxiety.

How Does Weed Lube Work?

Weed lubricants typically increase blood flow or sensitivity in the genital area. Increased blood flow generally means better orgasms, and who’s going to say “no” to that?

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has also shown that the endocannabinoid system and sexual functioning and behavior in people with vulvas are linked, leading many to use cannabis to help increase arousal, orgasms, sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

Cannabis lubes are typically designed for people with vulvas, given that the genitalia has more mucus membranes that allow the lubricant to truly work its magic. That said, people with penises can still reap the benefits, though to ensure the maximum amount of

are absorbed, it’s recommended to apply the lube to the rectum rather than the penis. In other words, applying cannabis lube solely to the penis will not lead to nearly the same effects as someone applying to the vulva or rectum.

Cannabis lubes not only assist in your arousal and sexual pleasure, but it can also help to combat pelvic floor

and muscle tension.

Things to Consider When Using Cannabis Lube

Once again, you’ll want to ensure you’re prepared for a little foreplay before using a cannabis lubricant. THC and CBD lubes generally start to work their magic after absorbing through the skin, about 15-30 minutes after the initial application. 

It’s also important to carefully read over the packaging for your specific product, as many cannabis lubricants are not safe to use with latex condoms. This is generally the case with oil-based lubes, which can also be problematic to use with silicone sex toys. The oils in the lube can cause the latex to weaken or break down, increasing the risk of pregnancy or contracting a sexually transmitted illness.

While there are plenty of lubricants made with this in mind, you’ll also want to be careful if you have sensitive skin. Most folks will be fine, though if you already know your skin reacts to carrier oils, be sure to read over the ingredients in your cannabis lube ahead of time.

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If you’re concerned about THC lube affecting job prospects or potentially skewing a drug test, know that there’s generally not too much to worry about. When someone smokes or ingests cannabis, it ends up in various parts of the body and can show up in urine, blood and hair follicles.

do not reach your bloodstream. A also affirmed that topical application of cannabis did not produce findings in blood or urine, with tests taken every two to four hours until 15 hours after the last application.

(One exception to the topical rule is transdermal patches, which push THC past the skin barrier to reach your bloodstream.)

Regardless, if a positive drug test is a concern, make sure to be mindful, as contact with our eyes and mouth could cause trace amounts of THC to enter your bloodstream.

Final Thoughts

Many folks have already made a tradition out of enjoying a little cannabis before having sex. Cannabis often makes things just a little bit better, and sex is no exception, but our proposal? Don’t stop there!

More (and better… and longer… and stronger) orgasms, increased sensitivity, assisting with relaxation, pain relief — c’mon, you can’t argue with those benefits. While you’ll have to pay a visit to a

for THC lubes, folks living in states without retail cannabis can still enjoy the benefits of CBD lubricants, which are easily accessible online. 

Whether you already use cannabis on the regular or are a newbie to the community looking into options to better your life, we can say with absolute certainty a good ol’ weed lube will absolutely push your sex life to the next level! And who are we to deny


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