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High There’s Best Weed Accessories of 2023

Keegan Williams

By Keegan Williams

March 31, 2023

As the cannabis industry

, it’s a time for innovation in all corners. Whether it’s a new nanotechnology, an emerging or a , products across the entire cannabis spectrum are stepping their game up.

Cannabis accessories, of course, are no exception. Gone are the days where cannabis essentials can only be procured at a local head shop. Today, we have an overwhelming amount of options at our fingertips, from flashy to functional, helping to elevate pretty much any and every element of the cannabis consumer experience.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled some of the best weed accessories for 2023. For this list, we included a varied mix of options. Of course, we want to ensure our list is full of products any stoner would want in their collection, but we also made an effort to include items that many cannabis users may not think of for themselves first. 

Part of the thrill and appeal of the modern day cannabis industry is the varied assortments some of these classic cannabis items can take on, so we also made sure to nod to a variety of aesthetics, fit for the diverse cannabis community we love.

So dive in as we break down some of the best weed accessories out there today!

Best Weed Accessories: Grinders Galore

Courtesy of GR8TR

Favorite Grinder:

Shopping for a

can be incredibly overwhelming, so much so, we couldn’t help including three total options on our list! It goes without saying that pretty much any grinder is going to do the job, but we’re especially smitten with the GR8TR Jar Body Grinder.

The name of the game here is versatility, with interchangeable Vape and Standard Easy Change Grinder plates, a 60 Mesh Stainless Steel Easy Change Screen and even a top lid for bonus storage. That means you can easily remove the sifting chamber to create a three-piece grinder, convert your grinder to a storage sifter or even break it down to a slim, pocketable “Storage Puck.”

At just 2.125 inches wide, the tall shape and rounded edges make it compact, and you can choose between three colors: Matte Black, Matte Silver and Rose Gold. Additionally, this grinder comes with a limited lifetime warranty, anti-friction and residue rings, micro teeth, encompassed in its mighty stainless-steel design.

Once again, most grinders will get the job done, but in our eyes, this one covers all the bases and more!

Courtesy of Laundry Day

Most Stylish Grinder:

Now that we covered our current fave, let’s switch our grinder gears toward style. The Laundry Day Cube Grinder takes the cake, no doubt. This cannabis accessory also feels like a work of art, informed by the mass and materiality of minimalist sculpture, embracing simple construction while still maintaining all of the essential functions of a grinder. 

The grinder can also rest in an upright or angular position when not in use, making it simply a great visual piece for your at-home smoking area.

That said, this grinder is also great when put to use. It comes with four detachable components: two top portions for grinding, a middle chamber to collect ground flower and a bottom compartment for kief. The form also has a magnetic closure and an additional aluminum scoop to pack your pipe or bowl.

It’s a sharp, sophisticated and incredibly unique design that we couldn’t help but shouting out. If you’re looking for a conversation starter, or just an eccentric piece to add to your collection, Laundry Day is the place to go.

Courtesy of Cloudious9

Automatic Grinder:

It is 2023 after all, and if you’re in the market for a top-of-the-line grinder that does the work for you, the Auto9 Fully Automatic Grinder is the way to go.

The robust 180 r/min motor, equipped with 15 sharp machine CNC diamond-shaped shredder teeth, ensures this grinder can handle even the most

, evenly grinding and dispensing the bud through a clear cone spout with just the press of a button. The ergonomic design was made for single-hand operation, with a handle and trigger perfectly positioned for a quick point, press and finish experience.

The chamber fits up to four grams, perfect for quick rolling and group sessions, and the transparent lid makes it easy to see how much herb you’re grinding up at any given time. The Auto9 also has a built-in storage compartment, making it great to take on-the-go or to store your stash in between grinds.

If you’re looking to enjoy the next level in grinder technology, along with a perfect grind every time, look no further.

Best Weed Accessories For the Joint Lover

Courtesy of Marley Natural

Favorite Rolling Tray:

There are, frankly, an overwhelming amount of rolling trays out there, and pretty much all of them will effectively get the job done. Finding the perfect rolling tray for you admittedly comes down to personal style and preference, but we’d argue that the Marley Natural Walnut Rolling Tray is a pretty solid choice for any cannabis consumer.

To start, the striking, sustainably sourced wood base is stylish and will fit well in a wide variety of spaces. The design is made to be stackable for easy storage, along with a cutout corner for easy pouring and raised edges to ensure no product goes to waste. The tray also comes with a wooden scraper with a built-in magnet that attaches to it. 

As a bonus, Marley Natural offers this tray in two sizes, small 9″ L x 5.5″ W x 0.75″ H and large 12″ L x 7″ W x 0.75″ H. 

It’s functional, simple to store and clean, eco-friendly and easy on the eyes. What more could you ask for?

Courtesy of Edie Parker

Joints With Style:

It goes without saying that, historically,

have been and continue to be some of the most accessible cannabis accessories out there… But good luck finding papers with the flair of Edie Parker’s products at your local gas station or headshop.

The brand offers a fun floral print (along with three different color options) and a funky fried egg print for rolling papers. If you prefer cones, Edie Parker has a number of unique designs — grape, strawberry, peach, banana and swirly

prints await you. The “Crush Cones” have an additional feature: Each print actually corresponds with a unique flavor, which users can unleash by squeezing the filter until they hear a pop. After that, just light up and enjoy the accent of flavor to complement your bud!

If you’re looking for a bit of extra flair for an upcoming gathering, to spark a bit of extra conversation next time you share a joint with some friends or simply just want to add some personality to your joints, Edie Parker’s papers are the answer.

Best Weed Accessories: For the Smokers

Courtesy of Stündenglass


This item from Stündenglass is truly unique. Not only is it just a gorgeous and sophisticated piece to have in your home, it’s also an incredible gravity bong that can work to serve a variety of purposes.

The Gravity Infuser features a 360-degree rotating glass infuser, generating kinetic motion activation via cascading water displacement, opposing airflow technology and the natural force of gravity. This piece is made for versatility, also compatible with mixology, culinary, hookah and aromatherapy uses. The 45-degree adjustable mouthpiece also allows you to vape without contact, making it a great option for sharing, though you can also use the three-foot hose for direct draws.

Stündenglass uses only the highest quality materials, including borosilicate glass globes and aircraft-grade anodized aluminum, though it also comes with an extended 10-year warranty.

Its eye-catching silhouette immediately starts a conversation, the kind of piece that any weed smoker will see and immediately want to try out. If you’re in the market for an incredibly smooth gravity bong with a gorgeous look, we’re admittedly obsessed with Stündenglass’s offering.

Courtesy of Moose Labs

Simple and Useful:

Moose Labs has created a simple product that can help ease the effects of cannabis smoking on the body. According to the product page,

smoke can deposit tar deeper into the lungs than cigarette smoke due to the way it’s inhaled, but MouthPeace helps to mend this issue.

The triple-layer activated carbon filters are made from biodegradable and recycled materials, sanitizing smoke and vapor and enhancing the flavor of your weed by removing resins, contaminants and tar. All the while, you can expect a smooth intake and airflow. Each kit includes a MouthPeace and three filters, and the site also sells additional filters as needed.

User reviews routinely reference the clean hits MouthPeace provides, along with disbelief surrounding how much these babies filter out. Many reviews note that MouthPeace helped them to cough less and even led to a better high. 

Who knows? You may find yourself in good company with some reviewers who swear they won’t go back to smoking without the MouthPeace after buying. It’s something many cannabis users may not think of that can truly make a big difference in the long run.

Best Weed Accessories: Honorable Mentions

Courtesy of Pot-Pourri

Odor Eliminator:

You might have heard of Poo-Pourri, the spray product for the bathroom to eliminate unpleasant odors, and now the Pourri company has a similar offering, specifically tailored to cannabis consumers.

If you’re looking to “nip odor in the bud,” Pot-Pourri is the way to do it. This product

of cannabis, tobacco and cigars for use on clothes, fabrics or just right into the air. You’ll be left with a refreshing lemon and clove scent. The ingredients are eco-friendly, plant-based and contain no synthetic fragrances. 

A great product for the discreet smoker, or anyone who might just need to freshen up in a pinch, this product belongs in any cannabis smoker’s collection.

Courtesy of Hautebox

Smart, Portable Storage:

There are, once again, a pretty overwhelming amount of storage boxes for cannabis. However, we’re thinking a little smaller. For smokers who are on-the-go, the Hautebox is a must. 

Many cannabis consumers have probably rushed out of the house, shoving a joint in a pocket or wallet only to later find it in more than one piece, complete with a mess of loose flower. Enter, Hautebox.

This compact storage container is made for folks traveling with joints. The boxes are smell proof, water proof, burn proof and even float. These containers are made specifically to fit a

and several joints, making for a compact, discreet and functional vessel. No more broken joints!

The Charlotte Welch brand also offers a wide array of finishes, from bright neon options, to sleek wood grain and marble, glossy solids, semi-translucent varieties and a few Hautebox “Minis.” 
It’s one of those accessories that you probably don’t have, but once you do, you’ll find yourself using it on the regular. 

Courtesy of Her Highness

Set the Smoke Sesh Mood:

If you want an incredible complementary accessory to your smoking space, check out

’s Thigh High Candle (T.H.C.). The candle is meant to celebrate the beauty of the female form, alongside the joy of consuming cannabis. 

Especially for folks all about the ritualistic element of smoking cannabis, creating an intentional space to find down and relax, this

is built to compliment the experience. With 250 hours of burn time, the T.H.C. releases natural eucalyptus oil into the air to clear your lungs and set the mood for every sesh.

A whopping 18 inches in height, this striking candle is also just a gorgeous piece fit for any home. She comes in an eye-popping gift box, complete with a refillable, gold butane lighter. Whether the T.H.C. helps to bring together your own smoking space, or that of a beloved friend, you will be hard pressed to find a cannabis accessory like her.

Final Thoughts on the Best Weed Accessories 2023

With the vast array of cannabis accessories on the market today, it’s a somewhat impossible task to truly hone in on all the iconic options available to consumers today. While we’re always keeping our eyes out on new and interesting products for cannabis users, it’s an incredible time to expand your cannabis accessory collection.

The cannabis community is massive and continuously growing, and companies are constantly adapting to offer a wide array of options to fully maximize our experiences. While we’re eager to see what comes next, we’re also relishing in the abundant accessory selections we have access to today! We hope you enjoyed reading through our top picks for the best weed accessories of the year.

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